Jeremy Williams Biography

Jeremy Williams is the driving force behind a number of recent memorable art projects both locally, in Austin, TX,  and across the United States.  Bristling with motivation, Jeremy has seen multiple large scale projects from mere fantasy into reality time and time again. His most recent project, The Water Flowers, are an interdisciplinary approach to visual art that incorporates elements of sculpture, engineering, electronics, and psychoreactive spaces.

With a tremendous display of leadership skills, hard work, and superior coordination efforts, Jeremy encourages his well seasoned team to strive for excellence and accomplish great feats combining structure, creativity and interactability. Heavily involved in spreading art to the local community, Jeremy encourages everyone to create. Summing up his attitude toward the sharing of skills and experience, Jeremy states "Personally, the most rewarding aspect of life is helping empower individuals to express themselves, build for themselves, and think outside the box."

His previous works include the Scales of Justice, a 25' functioning wooden scale; the Birdcage, a larger-than-life man carved via chainsaw; and the Conductor, a massive flame-shooting, fully interactive encapsulation of 'Symphony of Construction'.