Water Flowers

The Water Flowers reflect an interdisciplinary approach to visual art that incorporates elements of sculpture, engineering, electronics, and psychoreactive spaces. The Flowers are created based on the physical properties of water. The petals are shaped by the surface tension of water exiting the nozzles, with each petal being illuminated by its own individually addressable RGB LED. The optical properties of the water carry the light along the perimeter of the shape giving a well defined petal shape. The flowers can be sequenced to run patterns and fades to create an immersive environment that encapsulates the calm of a gentle stream with the intrigue of dynamic lighting. Collaborations are welcome to introduce new interactive components to the project through an open interface for the lighting controller.

The Water Flowers are designed to be modular allowing for great flexibility in setup; the goal being to tailor the installation to the particular space and create an immersive environment. The key requirements are water supply and low levels of light pollution. The water supply can come from sources ranging from an indoor pond or fountain to a river or lake. If a pre-existing water source is not already available, we can design a temporary basin to house the project without too much trouble. Similarly an enclosure can be designed to lower light pollution. The size and scale of the installation is also very flexible ranging from a five flower simple fountain (roughly 8'x8') to a full garden of 100 flowers with giant 8' diameter flowers for a center piece. For large designs our architect, Dorothy Spearman, can assist with placement and design of suitable facilities.

The current photos of the project are from a simple PVC proof of concept fountains. These have been installed locally in a variety of places ranging from a backyard pool to along a small stream at our regional arts festival. We have prototype flowers with sizes ranging from one to eight  in diameter, and have just completed our first artistic copper prototype. We will be showing at least five copper flowers at Maker Faire in October. Additionally we will likely be doing an installation along the First Street bridge in Austin in December, this installation will be between 30-100 flowers depending on funding and will contain the above mentioned large center pieces.